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"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."

-John F. Kennedy

Dear Friend,

We all have those friends that seem to get great deals on everything they buy. What's their secret?They know which prices are fixed and which can be negotiated with a little work.

You know that the sales prices for automobiles can be negotiated as well as their financing terms, but did you also know that the same can be done for jewelry and even high end electronics equipment? It all depends on where you shop to get your deals.

This months item of value is dedicated to helping you get the lowest prices on your purchases.You will find a list of items with flexible prices as well as the types of stores where you are most likely able to negotiate. I've also included some universal negotiation tips that will work for any type of purchase.

On the reverse side, I've broken down the cost of a typical vacation to demonstrate that doing some homework really will save you money on your next trip.

I'm here to make sure you aren't paying too much on your next big purchase.



Are You Paying Too Much? Negotiate!

Negotiating Tips: Here are some skills you can practice and basic tactics you can take advantage of to get the lowest price when negotiating.

  • Research the fair value of the item ahead of time.
  • Never say yes to the first offer and avoid naming a lower price. Instead, act surprised at the first offer and wait for them to lower the price. Then negotiate from there.
  • Don't name your final price until the end.
  • Reply to initial offers with questions like, "When does it go on sale?"
  • Make concessions that will move the process along and help lower the price, such as paying with cash instead of check or credit card. click here for more negotiating tips...

Negotiate Your Way To Hawaii!

Compare the cost of a typical family vacation by analyzing a popular travel web site versus going directly to the companies. Flights, hotels and services are for the same dates, times and requirements. When using travel web sites, we checked prices for booking accommodations individually and booking as a vacation package. Read more on page three of our informative printable article.

Other Ways to Save Money....

  • When new models come out, buy the older for less.
  • Use coupons, look for discounts and but more items on sale.
  • Ask for discounts on scratched, damaged or display merchandise.
  • Eliminate impulse buying unless it is an exceptional bargain.
  • Even if you don't buy online, comparison shop online. It will save time and gas.

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