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A recession can put a real squeeze on your budget. An easy way to save is to reduce your restaurant visits. But don't get the 'dining out' blues; instead, dine outdoors and set yourself up for so,me sizzling summer fun. Outdoor cooking is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities, It's the perfect budget-friendly way to make any meal a special occasion because nothing beats the combination of warm weather, good company and something out off the grill.

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Here are a few basics when grilling outdoors that will help you serve up restaurant quality food every time without the restaurant price!

  • The Flavor Factor - The smoky effect of an outdoor fire adds a unique flavor to many entrees. Marinades and seasonings like the recipes included in the newsletter, enhance this. Be careful lathering on too much BBQ sauce - the sugar and tomato base is what can char quickly
  • Manage Your Time-Outdoor cooking is an inexact science with many variables that can impact cooking time. Size and cut of meats, other foods, weather. To cope with these variables, many chefs use two thermometers. One to measure the temperature pf the cooking space and one that measures the internal temperature of the meat. Remember to remove the meat a few degrees before done as it will continue to cook even after it's been removed from the heat.
  • Become a Grilling Machine - Direct grilling cooks food at high temperatures very quickly and should be used for a main course that is 2 inches or less thick, as well as vegetables like onions and corn on the cob. In the indirect method of grilling, the fire is built to the side of the food and it is cooked by radiant heat. THis method is for larger or thicker cuts that need to cook for longer periods of time and is always done with the lid closed. For the appropriate method and proper grilling time, see the July newsletter.

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