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Resurface Your Way to a New Look!!

Re-surfacing counters, cabinets, tubs, sinks and driveways creates a new look at a fraction of the cost to replace.


Average Replacement vs. Resurfacing Costs

* Estimated Costs. Prices will vary by materials & region *
$2000 - 3000
$400 - 500
Porcelain Sink
$600- 800
$350 - 500
$15 - 20 /sq. ft.
$8 /sq. ft.
$125 - 170 per door
$30 - 60 per door
$200 /sq. ft. laminate, $500/sq. ft. granite
$30 /sq. ft.
Wood Flooring
$10 - 13 /sq. ft.
$3 - 4 /sq. ft

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There are several levels of resurfacing that will fit any budget

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  • Linoleum Flooring -Outdated linoleum flooring can be painted or recovered with self adhesive tiles or a new sheet a linoleum.
  • Walls - Apply a fresh coat of paint or textured skim coat to add character or liven up a room.
  • Sinks - Most sinks in your bathroom can be refinished easily. resurfacing will remove rust stains, chips and cracks.
  • Tubs - Most tubs can be resurfaced in place saving major replacement costs. Resurface t any color or revive the white. Resurfacing also adds to new foot traction.
  • Showers - The surrounding tiles can be replaced with a myriad of new tile patterns and finishes and should be resealed every few years.
  • Cabinets - Install new handles. Old doors and shelves can be painted or replaced with new ones.

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mistakes by doing homework. The art of do-it-yourself projects is to know when you can!

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