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How Long is Your Paper Trail?

Documents to save or throw out

Managing Your Paperwork

  • Store your paperwork - have a large file cabinet to keep most of your important documents in a central location.
  • Protect your essential documents - many times it is prudent to keep documents in a fireproof safe, purchased for around $40
  • Destroy certain documents- bank notices and ATM transactions do not typically need to be kept and can contain information used by identity thieves.
  • Going paperless- it's an increasing trend among banks, utility companies and even some retaillers in an effort to save natural resources, many paperless transactions are a great idea

The benefits of professional shredding

  • Destroyed documents ar completely unrecoverable by others
  • "Certificates of Destruction" limits your liability
  • It is more cost effective than a heavy duty shredder

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Keep your documents safe

  • Rent a safe deposit box - keep a key somewhere it won't be missplaced and give a copy to your accountant or lawyer.
  • Entrust your documents to others - send copies to friends or relatives that live out of state to ensure they are safe in the event of a wide spread disaster
  • Store your documents in a home safe - a convenient way to keep documents safe a nearby. Be sure to let a trusted source know of it's contents, combination or key location.

Keep important documents in a home safe

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