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I encourage you to strive to obtain the latest information related to the mortgage and financial industry and consult with a mortgage professional to determine whether the article fits you or your market area.  Knowledge is Power, talking to those in the business will allow you to know whether the authors of the articles are biased to a particular industry and placing a spin on what is actually happening in the market.  Many changes in the mortgage industry have occurred since January 1, 2008.  Not all the change is bad; much is good and will afford more affordable loans to qualified buyers at rates and terms which truly mirror your credit strength, down payment ability, and debt to income.  The stronger each of these components are for you, the better the rate and the ability to reduce your housing expense.

  Hopefully these items provide value to you in all aspects of your life, Anna Babineaux

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The Mortgage Meltdown ~ A Time Line

Information taken from Wikipedia, the free encylopedia November 2008

Subprime Crisis Impact Timeline

This is an excellent source for review of the history of the subprime market and how legislation effected how home loans were handled.

Financial Crisis of 2007 & 2008

This article is about the series of financial market events, starting in July 2007, which suggested a weakening in the world economies. For details on the stock market crashes and bank bailouts of late 2008, see Global financial crisis of 2008. For economic issues beyond the financial markets, see Economic crisis of 2008


Global Financial Crisis of 2008

This article is about the details of the severe credit, banking, currency, and trade crisis which emerged in September 2008. For background financial market events dating from July, 2007 chronicling the credit crisis which resulted from the subprime mortgage crisis, see financial crisis of 2007–2008. For an overview of all economic problems of 2008 see economic crisis of 2008.

List of Bankrupt or Aquired Banks

This is a list of financial institutions that have been affected by the Financial crisis of 2007–2008. The list includes banks (including commercial banks and investment banks), building societies and insurance companies that have either been:

  • taken over or merged with another financial institution;
  • nationalised by a government or central bank; or
  • declared insolvent or liquidated.

The above links help to offer an unbiased explanation of the various roles and divisions of economics that have lead to the state of our world ecomony today. I will share more as I further research and educate myself to bring you what I have learned and what others can offer as well.





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